NYIT Award Nominations! / by Gregory Isaac

We recently got a little bonus news! SHORT LIFE OF TROUBLE, the show I was in early last summer, has received a nomination for "Outstanding Ensemble" from the New York Innovative Theatre Awards for the '14/'15 theatre season!!

The NYIT Awards are the Off-Off-Broadway awards, and they cover a large range of participating productions during their 12 month judging cycle.

It's been over a year since we closed SHORT LIFE, and rehearsals began in April last year, but I was first invited to an early workshop of the script waaaay back in July of 2013.  Now we get to keep talking about it all the way to the NYIT Awards Ceremony in mid-September.  (You'll find photos and selected music recordings from this show if you click here.)

It was an honor to be 1/9th of that cast, and I was equally honored to have my name listed on the big screen with each of them tonight at the nomination announcement party.  And, we'd have been much diminished without the support of our creative & production staff: Eric P. Holm, Jill Woodward, Kat Holland, Anastasia Romantsova, Michael McGee, Peter Mills Weiss, Christina Rene Polhemus, and Brian Morvant.  

Congrats to ALL of the nominees! See you in September!

Photo by Anastasia Romantsova

Photo by Anastasia Romantsova