Praise for Quintessence's THE THREE MUSKETEERS / by Gregory Isaac

As rewarding as this process has been, until a week ago, we lacked that crucial final element: our audience.  I almost always enjoy the creative process, and it is often very gratifying in and of itself, but the end result of the work is, hopefully, to entertain, to stir emotion, to provoke thought.  Given the alternatives, we would all much prefer to succeed at these goals than not, and I am pleased to report that our production of THE THREE MUSKETEERS by the Quintessence Theatre Group has received resounding, universal praise.

Wendy Rosenfield, for the Philadelphia Inquirer writes:
"What is it about The Three Musketeers that still captures our imagination? Quintessence Theatre Group's new adaptation makes some excellent arguments for its continued longevity...  What prevails in these Musketeers is their joie de vivre. This production covers only the book's first half, leaving open the possibility that the Musketeers may soon ride again. Let's hope they do, and that once again, they bring this fantastic team along with them."

Lynn Hoffman writing for the BroadStreet Review:
"The production in the round is a masterpiece, intimately presented in the jewel-box Sedgwick Theater. As is usually the case at Quintessence, the cast is superb."

Kathryn Osenlund for Curtain Up:
"Quintessence's own in-house adapters have connected this series of astutely curated dramatic scenes. It would have been so easy to make a muddle of it, but [they] have achieved an admirable clarity with their script. Deftly directed by Alexander Burns; [with] remarkable dual performances by the strong cast."

Mark Cofta for the City Paper:
"The bare stage allows maximum space for Ian Rose's terrifically witty battles, including a five-on-four sword fight that's a work of choreographic brilliance.  [This show] is never dull."

And the production has been "Barrymore Recommended" by Philadelphia's prestigious professional theatre awards program.

And we've only just begun! I'm having a great time, and I'm looking forward to playing with this cast and crew for most of the next month. Come see for yourself!