Gregory is now based in Philadelphia after a time in New York City, ten years in Chicago, and a long stint in Atlanta, his hometown.

During more than 25 years as a professional he has had the PRIVILEGE to work for a number of notable theatres, among them, The Goodman Theatre, The Alliance Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater & Steppenwolf Theatre (Each a recipient of a Regional Theater Tony Award), as well as The Georgia Shakespeare Festival, TimeLine Theatre, The Writers' Theatre, and more recently, Quintessence Theatre Group, The Lantern Theater, Delaware Shakespeare & many others.  He has also worked on-screen in an assortment of small film & commercial work. 

Gregory is now a two-time Barrymore award nominee, and was a nominee for the New York Innovative Theatre Awards.  He is currently a company member with the Quintessence Theatre Group in Philadelphia. He is also a former company member with the Vintage Theatre Collective in Chicago; Served as the Executive Producer of Joyseekers Theatre in New York CIty; And was once a Company member of Titan Theater Company in Flushing, NY.  He also moonlighted as a co-host of The Table Readers, a monthly play-reading group in New York City.

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“Gregory Isaac is devilishly suave as handsome and quietly menacing husband, Robert. He wrings multiple shades of meaning from every repeated line and drawn out pause. His passionate stoicism is a thing of beauty and reason enough to see this production before it closes
—Rebecca Rendell (Talkin’ Broadway) on The Lantern Theater’s BETRAYAL

"Henry Higgins [is played by] suave, beautiful-voiced Gregory Isaac, a Rex Harrison with even more grace, wit, and cluelessness."
   --John Timpane (Philadelphia Inquirer) on Quintessence Theatre's MY FAIR LADY

"It would be hard to come up with better casting.  They ride with the give and take, each with a distinct and unmistakable voice.  Gregory Isaac, whose work we've admired at Quintessence Theatre, is vital and compelling as a rational, cynical Jefferson - who could have been quite tedious."

"Best reader among the actors is Gregory Isaac as the insanely jealous Bassanes.  With his beautiful voice and mastery of the poetry, he creates a Bassanes reminiscent of Leontes of The Winter's Tale"
   --John Timpane (Philadelphia Inquirer) on Quintessence Theatre's THE BROKEN HEART

"Isaac's Faustus performance begins humble and frustrated, and by turns of his newfound power, turns devilishly charming and pitiably unrepentant. Through his performance, Quintessence's staging creates a lifecycle. If Marlowe's play acknowledges friendship as the chief of earthly pleasures, then watching performances like Quintessence's Doctor Faustus certainly stands a close second."
   --Jim Rutter (Philadelphia Inquirer) on Quintessence Theatre's DOCTOR FAUSTUS

"At the center of it all, on stage nearly the entire play, is Isaac's fascinating Faustus, led to ruin by his ego."
   --Mark Cofta (Broad Street Review) on Quintessence Theatre's DOCTOR FAUSTUS

"Gregory Isaac takes on the role of foolish Lord Nicia, the pompous lawyer who is tricked into becoming an enthusiastic participant in his own cuckolding.  Isaac is hilarious, getting big laughs for the physical comedy and toilet humor, as well as the more witty repartee."
    --Rebecca Rendell ( on Quintessence Theatre's THE MANDRAKE

"One could argue that villain Bill Sykes is a supporting role, but Gregory Isaac’s performance in the Secret Theatre’s “Oliver! The Musical” is beyond memorable. As the murderous brute, Isaac doesn’t say much, but his menacing stares and violent movements are heard loud and clear. The actor also possesses a glorious singing voice that unfortunately earns little stage time. Seriously, you want to see more of this monster, which says a lot about Isaac’s talent."
     --Kevin Zimmerman (Queens Times Ledger) naming Mr. Isaac "Outstanding actor in a musical for 2013

"The other gender-bender, Gregory Isaac, as Titania and Hippolyta, also scores high marks for his performances. Again with very little physical changes, Isaac slips easily into the part of the scorned fairy queen.  Isaac perfectly captures the rhythm and style of the two queens he must encompass. He earns big laughs as he swoons for Bottom after he's turned into a jackass."
     --Kevin Zimmerman (Queens Times Ledger) on Titan's A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM

"Director Elise Kauzlaric has approached her excellent actors as a choreographer might approach dancers. In doing so, she has captured the intensely magnetic pull between Cathy and Heathcliff, an impressively natural Gregory Isaac, whose dark, gypsy-like looks make him ideal for the role."
     --Hedy Weiss (Chicago Sun-Times) on Lifeline Theatre's WUTHERING HEIGHTS

"Isaac, a young Chicago actor with a lot of potential, skillfully captures a character who has suddenly been confronted with terrifying depths of human cruelty and that shakes him to the core."
     --Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune) on TimeLine Theatre's IN DARFUR

"Isaac is a true find, with his sad-puppy good looks and hilariously engineered speech impediment forever putting his Adam on the the brink of collapse."
     --Hedy Weiss (Chicago Sun-Times) on The Writers' Theatre's ROUGH CROSSING

"The best performance comes from the raspy Gregory Isaac as Dawson's dogmatic superior."
     --Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune) on Theatre at the Center's A FEW GOOD MEN

"Kane and Isaac are enticing as Estrella and Astolfo. They create conniving chemistry through delicate performances, beautifully opting for subtly over bombast that delivers more impact because of their sophisticated restraint."
     --Venus Zarris (Chicago Stage Review) on Vitalist Theatre's LIFE IS A DREAM

"Playing Harry Bogen, Gregory Isaac makes a superb musical leading man, the kind who can seem dynamic and masculine just by standing still with his feet planted at the right angle. Isaac's stage charisma makes his role a more intriguing protagonist, since Harry is morally dubious at best."
     --Curt Holman (Creative Loafing) on Jewish Theatre of the South's I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE

"Isaac comes into his own as a handsome and regal-voiced Octavius Caesar."
     --Wendell Brock (Atlanta Journal) on The Georgia Shakespeare Festival's JULIUS CAESAR

"Isaac gives a breakout performance as Edmund."
     --Dan Hulbert (Atlanta Journal) on The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern's KING LEAR