THE GOOD GIRL at 59E59 / by Gregory Isaac

I don't boast about it much, but I am one of the producers for a small NYC theatre company fondly named Joyseekers Theatre, and right now, we have a powerhouse little show enjoying a limited run at 59E59 Theaters.  THE GOOD GIRL, by Emilie Collyer, directed by Adam Fitzgerald, is a dark comedy, sci-fi piece about a woman who works as a madam to a sex robot, the maintenance man who is hired to make repairs, and what happens when the robot begins exhibiting unusual -and illegal - human-like behavior.


My friend and colleague, Leah Gabriel, has shouldered the vast majority of the work getting this project off the ground and running so smoothly - including being featured onstage in the show alongside Giacomo Basessato (with the off-stage robot voiced by Tamara Sevunts).  I'm truly in awe of the size success of her accomplishment.  I'm not the only one.  Glowing reviews have poured in from the critics...

"A feminist sci-fi comedy that darkens considerably as it goes along...Ms. Collyer has written a clever examination of sex, longing, memory, gender roles and violence."
“Adam Fitzgerald's fast-paced direction and the high-key acting keep the audience riveted.
“Leah Gabriel gives a commanding performance as Anjali, providing the perfect measure of conscience and calculating ambition to make her character’s course of action believable. She shares a natural chemistry with Giacomo Baessato that effectively serves the momentum of the plot.”
“Collyer’s play with the expert acting and direction keeps us off-balance, riding the seesaw with the characters, tense for the next moments of revelation.”

This is, currently, the final week of performances for THE GOOD GIRL.  It must close at 59E59 this Sunday, February 28th.  Tickets are only $18, and with limited seats available, they are selling fast.  If you are in New York, please go see the fine work on display.

And Finally, a plaintive request: Producing Theatre in New York City - even on the modest scale of THE GOOD GIRL - is incredibly expensive.  Sadly, even strong ticket sales are not enough. Please take a moment, click through this link to the Joyseeker Website and make just a $20 charitible donation to help us defray the costs of the production.  This helps us not only pay rent for the performance space, but also provide reasonable salaries to production staff and designers.  We cannot thank you enough for your support!