NY Theater Now loves SHORT LIFE OF TROUBLE / by Gregory Isaac

Well, we couldn't hope for a kinder review than this from Collin McConnell of NY Theater Now:

"Nothing here is rushed, and everything is used. Creator / writer / adaptor Valerie Redd has woven a smartly rich tapestry of words and sounds, brought so beautifully to life under the direction of Eric Powell Holm...  Holm is playing with magic here: there is never a wasted moment, a wasted space, and yet there is silence, stillness, emptiness – he has dug an earthiness into the production, so rich, though with the sense it is being told around the campfire, beneath the stars....

[It] is a true testament to Redd’s understanding of the work she is using and the work she is making – and to how clearly she understands why Hamlet still gets under our skin today.  To that singular focus: Death. Loss, but really, death. The use of the southern gothic literature focuses the story to bear a weight down upon what it means to truly lose someone that I have never felt in any other production of Hamlet I have seen."

Read the full review at the NY THEATER NOW blogsite.

THE SHORT LIFE OF TROUBLE will continue to run at the Access Theatre in Tribeca, Wednesdays - Sundays until June 21st.  Tickets at the door are $18.  If, instead you by in advance via Brown Paper Tickets, and use this handy code - "SLTFB" - your tickets will only be $10.

Here's the link again: http://shortlifeoftrouble.brownpapertickets.com/

Photo by Michael Markham

Photo by Michael Markham